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Use the STRUCINSPECT digital inspection and lifecycle management solution to manage your assets in your company, city, or municipality.

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What is the power of the digital inspection service?

Use AI-assisted damage detection

Generate a digital twin

Digitize your Assets

Use AI-assisted damage detection

The damages will form the base for engineers’ decision-making. Therefore the AI (artificial intelligence) can help to find and describe the measurements of damages.


Generate a digital twin

Use the STRUCINSPECT digital inspection and lifecycle management solution to receive your digital twin of your asset.

Digitize your assets

STRUCINSPECT digital inspection and lifecycle management supports the digital transformation for your assets.

Strucinspect is Built for professionals like you

With STRUCINSPECT you can take your structural inspection services to the next level. All stakeholders benefit equally from more efficient work steps, precise results and the sustainable usage of the database.

Engineers and Inspectors

Start your STRUCINSPECT free trial and see how you can eliminate paperwork and reduce time efforts. Access and enjoy the cutting edge technology.

Infrastructure Operators and Asset Owners

With the STRUCINSPECT asset management tool you can start the digital transormation for your asset managment. That means cost reduction by using sustainable inspection data and also easy procurement of digital inspection services.

Data Capture & Drone Pilots

The free trial of the STRUCINSPECT Asset Managment tool gives you access to the collaborative know-how, provides new services and shows easy handling of data.

WhaT's includeD in your free trial?

The STRUCINSPECT digital inspection and lifecycle management solution gives you a perfect overview to the power of digital inspection.

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Reliable technology

AI-assisted damage detection for accurate analysis.

Economic efficiency

Establishment of a digital workflow reduces inspection and maintenance costs.

Industry trusted

Named infrastucture providers are trusting in STRUCINSPECT digital inspection and lifecycle management solution.