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Learn more about the basics of digital inspection, data collection and AI-powered damage detection.
New Drone Regulations Come Into Effect Across the EU
As of January 2021, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency...
Photogrammetry explained: why it’s a part of the future of structural inspection
Structural inspection, at periodic intervals, is of paramount (major) importance...
Digital Inspection Done the STRUCINSPECT Way
At STRUCINSPECT, we have developed an innovative, AI-based method to...
Welcome to the Machine: Putting your Trust in AI
Data may be just a raw material. But Artificial Intelligence...
Understanding AI and its Role in Structural Inspection
Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be making major advances in...

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story of digital inspection

Learn about STRUCINSPECT’s technology and the future of digital inspection in combination with asset management by means of a concrete project