Bridging the Gap Between Data Gathering and Digital Inspection

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A tailormade STRUCINSPECT project

Back in 2020, STRUCINSPECT was tasked with the job of carrying out an infrastructural inspection of a key stretch of highway to the Northwest of Vienna. The highly important roundabout traffic component at the Angerner Straße, consisting of seven bridges, makes up the central piece of the inspection that was needed. However, the inspection was far more comprehensive, covering all relevant structures on the S2 section of the highway, from bridges to noise barriers. The perfect project to deploy STRUCINSPECT’s suite of innovative solutions, in other words.

The services that STRUCINSPECT was able to deliver in this project included comprehensive data capturing, digital inspection, including AI-based damage detection and the creation of a digital twin – a 3D model, in other words, of the inspected section of the highway. Together with our joint venture partner VCE, STRUCINSPECT was able to couple data gathering processes with data assessment in a way that delivered next level digital inspection outcomes for our client Bonaventura, Austria’s first private highway operator.

Innovation that drives results

Already in 2019, two bridges at the nearby Eibesbrunn junction were monitored and recorded. Building on the experience and the data of this project, STRUCINSPECT carried out AI-based evaluations and 3D models for a total of five further bridges.

A crucial component enabling the detailed inspection that was to follow was the mobility-based data capturing that kicked off the project. Deploying a state-of-the-art mobile scanning methodology, the entire S2 highway and all its adjacent structures were captured.  This led to the creation of a model based on the method of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The BIM model, enriched with geometric as well as semantic information from the data capturing and inspection process, can now be used for the planning and calculation of future maintenance and construction tasks.

Using the collected data to apply the STRUCINSPECT advantage meant being to deliver not only a classic inspection report but also the delivery of the complete inspection in digital form, including a detailed 3D model on the STRUCINSPECT platform.

Benefits that go beyond deploying cutting-edge technology

With projects such as the Angerner Straße bridge and highway infrastructure inspection, STRUCINSPECT aims to do more than to deploy the latest available technology in digital inspection. By raising the ability of asset owners to maintain their portfolio of assets to new standards, we don’t just deploy technology but safety and peace of mind. STRUCINSPECT ensures asset management is carried out in a cost and resource-friendly manner that helps improve a return on asset value while warranting sustainable maintenance methods. Our solutions are aimed at fostering trust in new, digital solutions and deploying these in human-guided scenarios that help create new standards in the field of infrastructural inspection.

Step into the world of digital inspection

If you would like to take advantage of STRUCINSPECT’s full offering, be sure to find out how you too can gain the expertise to plan and execute high-quality data capturing missions for digital inspections in a cost-efficient and highly professional manner. Take advantage of STRUCINSPECT’s specifically designed training programs on the subject.

By signing up, you will learn to understand the associated fields of photography and photogrammetry, you will learn the right mix of data capture means such as drones, terrestrial, vehicles, or boats and apply them in a way that allows you to create valuable data for further processing and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Gain the knowledge you need to plan and execute data capturing missions for a wide range of structures and take a first step into a new era of digital inspection.

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