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STRUCINSPECT® DIP (Digital Inspection Professional)


Participants gain the expertise to plan and execute high-quality digital inspections in a cost-efficient manner. Starting from the requirements and relevant regulations, participants learn to understand all process steps along the value chain to plan, manage and deliver a digital inspection.

Participants get to know the importance of data-collection, structural assessment, lifecycle analyses and how these various fields need to be aligned. This knowledge enables the participant to offer, consume, execute, high-quality and cost-efficient digital inspections with Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported analyses and Lifecyle analyses services. After the course, participants have the knowledge to plan and execute digital inspection projects for various structures, such as bridges, tunnels or dams. They furthermore understand the relevance of various technologies and collaborations with other experts to perform structural assessments and create more precise lifecycle analysis.

Participants can verify their expertise by passing the related exam and get certified as a STRUCINSPECT DIP (Digital Inspection Professional).

Remark:This course does not teach structural assessments for any specific norms. Instead it focuses on digital inspection project planning in general and aims to provide an overall understanding of how to achieve high quality, cost-efficient digital inspections and lifecycle analyses together with various experts or services.


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Offline training

German language

December 2022

This course includes

  • 3 days @ 7 hours per day
  • Participation in case studies
  • Preparation and presentation of the assignment
  • Optional participation in certification test


  • Training: 990€ (+ VAT)
  • Certification: 295 € (+VAT)
  • 20% early bird registration discount
  • Training + Certification: 1190€ (+VAT)
  • Engineers with experience or interest in
    • digital inspection technologies, methods and services
    • Bridge, tunnel, dam, runway, or any other structural inspection
    • planning and executing structural inspections
    • collaborating with other experts to perform data capturing, structural assessments and life-cycle analyses for a digital inspection project
  • Infrastructure stakeholders who
    • want to execute digital inspection projects
    • want to better understand the complexity of digital inspection projects in various set-ups
    • want to know when to include external partners
    • want to understand digital inspection project scope and costs
    • collaborate with other experts to perform data capturing, structural assessments and lifecycle analyses for digital inspection projects

Participants should bring-in experience in one of the related fields:

  • structural inspections
  • life cycle analyses
  • digital inspection technology
  • The participants first gain a holistic perspective of the digital inspection process, the use of Artificial intelligence (AI), structural assessments and the possibilities to use these advanced analyses for a more precise lifecycle management. Specifically, participants learn to understand the perspectives of all relevant players along the value chain and und how to plan and execute a digital inspection. The three-day course is split into a theoretical part, covering the requirements, norms, technologies, processes and services. The second practical part, covering all aspects and skills required to plan and execute a real digital inspection project. At the end of the course, participants can verify their expertise by getting certified.
  • The first day covers the different player’s perspectives as well as the differences between classical and digital inspections, relevant norms, regulations, tenders, services, processes and key technologies, including photogrammetry, AI-supported assessments, digital twin creation and lifecycle analyses. A specific focus is placed on the cost-efficient use of new technologies to generate high-quality data and results for a digital inspection, a complete set of infrastructures and long-term lifecycle analyses.
  • If held offline, the first day is concluded by joint lunch, in which participants can share their previous experiences and learnings.
  • The second day addresses the practical application by learning to fully plan and execute a digital inspection project. The training includes the full scope of project, technology- and cost planning, considering various requirements and best-practices. The collaboration with other experts and use of advanced services such as Artificial intelligence or lifecycle analyses will be emphasized. Participants learn to find the right complementary partners, get access to the most advanced services and create digital inspection results that meet the requirements cost-efficiently. The second day ends with a detailed explanation of the assignment.
  • The third day starts with presentations of the participants assignments. They get individual feedback from experienced experts which can be used for a revision before submitting the assignment as a practical part to gain the certification. The third day further consists of additional expert talks and a future outlook about technologies and the digital inspection. At the end of the course, participants can immediately verify their expertise by passing the related exam and submit their practical assignment to get certified as a STRUCINSPECT DIP (Digital Inspection Professional)

After the course, participants understand

  • the relevant requirements and norms for digital inspection projects
  • the specifics of various structures, such as bridges, tunnels or runways
  • how to select the right digital technologies for structural inspections
  • how to define requirements and deliverables for data collection missions
  • how to plan and execute a full digital inspection project in a cost-efficient manner
  • the overall process and potential of collaborations to effectively offer and deliver all services along the value chain, such as data capture missions, structural assessments and precise lifecycle analyses.
  • how to drive digital inspection projects within your organization

Day 1 (9:00-17:00): Theoretical Background

  • Digital inspection processes and project overview: data collection, structural assessments and lifecycle analyses
  • The infrastructure stakeholder’s perspective
  • The engineer’s perspective
  • The data capturer’s perspective
  • Key technologies for lifecycle analyses, AI-supported assessment and data collection
  • Key processes, services and results within a digital inspection project

Day 2 (9:00-16:00): Practical application: How to plan and execute a digital inspection project

  • Service Hub: digital services, quality management, matchmaking
  • Planning a digital inspection
    • Set-up the frame
    • Plan you own deliverables
    • Plan required collaborations
    • Find appropriate partnerships
    • Cost-calculation
  • Executing a digital inspection
    • Data capturing
    • Structural Assessment
    • Lifecycle Analyses
  • Case study and discussion: learn best-practices and common pitfalls from a real project
  • Explanation of the assignment: plan your own digital inspection (results can be used as the practical part of the examination to achieve the certification]

Day 3 (9:00-16:00): Show your competencies

  • Assignment presentations, including feedback
  • Benefits of a certification and next steps
  • Expert talk and outlook
  • Optional: examination to gain certificate
    • Written test about theoretical topics of a digital inspection project
    • Presentation of the assignment results (if not already done in course)
  • Lecturers
  • Case studies
  • Assignment
  • Individual Presentations
  • Expert talk

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