Pricing for Dubai

To celebrate our exciting engagements in Dubai, we created a limited time offer. All memberships initially purchased in 2021 receive -40% forever, plus -30% on digital inspection services. Further, we offer increased perks and discounts based on the number of memberships purchased. Don’t miss your chance!

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15€ 9€ / user / month

Limited Time Offer

New customers get a lifetime 40% discount on the initial number of users purchased, and 20% off on all trainings and certifications.
What's in a STRUCINSPECT Membership?
User onboarding session 20 GB Storage
Invite view-only users Asset administration (for unlimited structures)
Access to our Hub Inspections (unlimited)
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Digital Inspection Services
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Not sure which Digital Inspection Service makes sense for you? Not a problem! You can cancel any of them within the first 30 days and pay only for the megapixels you've consumed so far.

Special Offer for Dubai

Subscribe now and receive 30% off all digital inspection services. Discount calcualted in the summary.


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1 user(s) 9€ / month
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Digital Inspection Services

AI-Assisted Damage Detection 49€ / month
Image to 3D Model 99€ / month
3D Damage Mapping 12€ / month

Dubai Discount

30% off digital inspection services


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How much is a Megapixel?

Not sure how many images you can process as part of our AI-supported Damage Detection or Image to 3D Model service? Try our quick calculator to get an overview!

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~2500 images

All values are estimations. Image file size can vary depending on the camera model.

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