Digitize your infrastructure assets

Explore the power of more!

Upgrade your infrastructure asset administration and set the base for digital inspections, lifecycle analyses and maintenance management.


Making the Difference for Asset Administration

Holistic administration and having multidisciplinary information centralized is key for organizations in managing their assets. With STRUCINSPECT, you can organize your infrastructure assets easily and quickly.

Traditional Asset Administration

Asset register are simple tables

  • Few collaboration items
  • File based
  • Little flexibility

Digital Asset Administration

A digitized asset register provides you with overview, deep insights and integrates with modern workflows

  • Structured master data
  • Simple document management
  • Asset location map
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Statistics
  • Easy access

The power of a digitized asset administration

Register your infrastructure assets
Register your infrastructure assets
Set asset properties
Set asset properties
Register all asset components
Register all asset components
Add 2D plans
Add 2D plans