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AI-Assisted Damage Detection

At STRUCINSPECT, we made it our mission to support digitization and increasing the accessibility to new tech (AI, digital twin) by supporting companies in their entire workflow. We do this by enhancing the process of detection (AI) and documentation (digital inspection) of concrete structures.

Identifying damages

Our AI is specially trained on identifying the following five classes for concrete surfaces:
  • Fine cracks
  • Efflorescence cracks
  • Exposed rebar
  • Corrosion
  • Spalling
Before After
Example of detection of efflorescence cracks
Before After
Example of detection of efflorescence cracks

STRUCINSPECT’s technology enables continuous improvement of the results of infrastructural inspections while also increasing the ability to detect different damage types. This is done by selecting large amounts of data that is used to train the neural network and improves algorithmic accuracy.

 In addition, our AI Network is designed to adjust to the specifications of your projects and it can be trained for your needs.

Before After
Example of detection of exposed rebar
Before After
Example of detection of corrosion

Your benefits

  • Quick and efficient detections
  • Massive processing power of thousands of images
  • Distinctly identify each unique damage in different images
  • Pixel-based digitization of your damages


  • Concrete surfaces
  • Image in focus and orthogonal to the surfaces if possible
  • High resolution images provide more detailed detection results
Before After
Example of detection of spalling

How much is a Megapixel?

Not sure how many images you can process as part of our AI-supported damage detection? Try our quick calculator to get an overview!

Choose your resolution

Choose your volume

Number of images
~2500 images

All values are estimations. Image file size can vary depending on the camera model.

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