AI Assisted Inspection

Improve efficiency and accuracy with AI-assisted digital inspections

Discover damage and crack detection in the age of digitalisation. AI-assisted processes assure next-level accuracy and free up time for the actual inspection. Developed with engineers – for engineers.

The digital infrastructure inspection workflow –
where AI can help you

How does it work?


Automate Detection

Once asset data has been uploaded to the hub, our AI comes into play and marks all damages it detects automatically.

Automate Classification

As a next step, the AI categorises the damages it detected in five different classes for concrete surfaces:

Fine cracks Efflorescence cracks Exposed rebar Corrosion Spalling

Trustworthy AI

Our technology is based on an extensive machine-learning process. Certified engineers trained our AI model to detect infrastructure damages to enhance damage detection capabilities.

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Schaden 2
Schaden 1

How does it help you?


Save time for important tasks

Avoid manually searching for damages and marking these one by one. Focus on analysing the damages and recommending how to best manage the asset at hand.

Increased accuracy

AI detects damages that are not visible to the naked eye and marks them as visible. This is where the experienced engineer steps in to decide on how to best manage the asset for long-term returns and safety.

Be ready for future life cycle assessment

The higher data quality and better structuring of the detected damages helps you in further use of this data for an integrated life-cycle assessment.

What are the requirements?


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