Damage mapping

3D Damage Mapping is the transformation of 2D damages onto your 3D model.

Use the advantages of working with 3D-Data capabilities to their full potential. The 3D-Damage Mapping Service projects damage information from 2D images onto your 3D model. Having the perspective of both environments at the same time provides the necessary overview of the overall condition of the asset for a holistic digital inspection.


Take advantage of your 3D model

The 3D-Damage Mapping Service will enhance your experience while working with your 3D model. The service enables you to simultaneously locate the damages on the textured 3D model during damage evaluation to improve spatial awareness and orientation. Combining the 3D model with the ability to see all damages on the structure, puts more use to your digital assets and benefits your digital inspection workflow. Additionally, the 3D damages with all the attributes are available in the standard openBIM IFC format allowing the utilization and import into any common BIM environment.



  • Locate damages on the digital 3D model
  • Increase the information value of the textured 3D model
  • Improve spatial awareness and orientation during analysis
  • Get your digital inspection as IFC (openBIM standard) for the integration into your BIM environment


  • Image orientation using our 3D model service
  • Damages marked on images

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