More than just inspections

Inspections are carried out by competent engineers – this will not change!

However, all efforts and expertise put into an inspection will turn to structured data. Collected data and findings of inspections are easy accessible and are available for further processing without loss of any information.


Making the Difference for your Inspection

Digital inspections in STRUCINSPECT can create joy, when you see the capabilities of working with images and damage marking, 3D- and inspection features


The result of inspections is typically documented in a set of files and reports

  • Images of damages
  • List of damages
  • Sketches
  • Assessment in report
  • Measures in report


Digitized inspections consist of structured data and information to provide more benefit and efficiency

  • Allocated and oriented images
  • Damage register
  • 3D damage location overview
  • Machine-readable assessments
  • Measure workflows
  • Easy access

Key Features

The Power of Digital inspections

Create & customize your inspection
Create & customize your inspection
Upload your inspection images
Upload your inspection images
Document & rate your damages
Document & rate your damages
Assess condition & define measure
Assess condition & define measure
Generate a report
Generate a report
Invididual damage url
Invididual damage url

Experience exciting new services to enhance your digital inspections

Images to 3D Model

Images to
3D Model

Our images to 3D model service enables you to change the way you look at your assets by processing your image data to a 3D model, a digital representation of your asset.


AI-Assisted Damage Detection

Upload concrete structure images to our AI service to identify five different damage types – fine cracks, efflorescence cracks, exposed rebar, corrosion, spalling.

3D Damage


Automatic pinpoint of the exact location of ai-detected damages on your assets 3D model to improve your inspection workflow and decision making.