Images to 3d model

The 3D-model is a digital representation of your real-world asset generated from your images.

Step into the third dimension and transfer your assets into the digital world. The textured 3D-model enables a superior way of looking at your structures, allowing a better and more complete documentation and visualization.

Visualize damages in high-res 3D

STRUCINSPECT’s images to 3D-model service meets several requirements. The image data input can be derived from using drones, handheld cameras or even high-end smartphones, ensuring flexibility and accessibility. The textured 3D-model will be created by our experts or if a 3D-model already exists, it can be uploaded directly to our platform. The obtained insights can be easily shared with others, be it colleagues or external parties, facilitating collaboration and information exchange.

Learn how to transfer your asset into a digital 3D-model
using your own mobile device or camera!

Listen to one of our experts on what to pay attention to while planning and executing the data capturing on site and, how to upload your data for the use in your digital inspection workflow on STRUCINSPECT’s Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub


  • Create a high-resolution digital representation of your asset
  • Have a 360° overview always at hand
  • Set up documentation for further analysis
  • Make better decisions for asset administration 
  • Combine your 3D-model with other digital inspection services 
  • Create the basis for digital twins


  • High-end smartphone or camera images
  • Clear focused images with sufficient lighting
  • Large overlap between consecutively captured images
  • Image resolution defines the texture quality

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