Standard-compliant structural
inspection with AI support

STRUCINSPECT enables you to perform AI-assisted structural inspection
to minimize inspection time and make informed decisions.
Standard-compliant according to DIN 1076.

Standard-Compliant structural inspection
with AI support

STRUCINSPECT enables you to perform AI-assisted structural inspection
to minimize inspection time and make informed decisions.
Standard-compliant according to DIN 1076.

Future-oriented operators and engineering companies trust STRUCINSPECT

Less inspection time

No more blocking for hours

Analyze, digitize and visualize with the help of AI. Infrastructure closures lasting hours can thus be reduced by up to 80%.
3D models, accurate data, and efficient workflows make structural inspection easier for everyone involved.

3D-Modell der Teichlbrücke mit KI Markern
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Michael Viktorin
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AI support

The workflow of an innovative inspection

Obtain detailed information and create a comprehensive database for future testing and lifecycle management.

Various infrastructure facilities

Solutions for effective damage analysis
and infrastructure management

STRUCINSPECT supports and connects infrastructure stakeholders along the entire infrastructure management value chain. Innovative technologies, customized solutions and expertise are the key ingredients to deliver digital infrastructure asset management for different types of assets.




Customized solution


Your innovative toolbox for
efficient infrastructure management

Images in 3D model

Automatically generate accurate 3D models of your assets.

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AI-supported damage detection

Automatic detection, marking and classification of damage.

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3D damage localization

Automatic projection of damage onto 3D models.

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Automatic transfer of test results to IFC format.

Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub

At the heart of it all is our HUB, a cloud-based workplace for managing all your plant and inspection data.

Improved 3D model

Scaling, georeferencing and visual enhancements and optimizations of 3D models.


You get a large, geometrically correct image composed of several individual images.

Life cycle analysis

Predict best strategies to optimize asset life, calculate risk and value based on asset management inventory data and inspections.

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Mobile data collection app

Document on-site damage in a structured way and automatically synchronize it with the hub.

Objective results

An AI-supported inspection with the highest level of accuracy

Discover damage and crack detection in the age of digitalization. AI-supported processes ensure maximum accuracy and free up time for the actual inspection. Developed with engineers – for engineers.

The AI supports building inspectors by automatically marking and documenting anomalies. The assessment and evaluation can thus be carried out more efficiently by the knowledgeable expert.

References & Projects with Strucinspect

Reliable infrastructure management
with the STRUCINSPECT Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub

Yes, efficiency can be an important reason for truly digitized infrastructure lifecycle management. But there is much more: consistent and unbiased detection results, increased reliability, lifecycle analysis through comparisons in recurring inspections or simply completely new business opportunities for engineering companies are just a few examples for your inspiration. Just look at how others have already benefited.



Freeway bridge A99, region Munich/Germany
BIM modeling of the as-is state

Reference "Motorway bridge, A99 Bavaria"



Subway tunnel network, United States of America
Reduction of downtime and associated costs

Reference "Subway Tunnel, USA"

Facts and figures

Subway tunnel network, USA [...]


The customer's engineers were looking for ways to perform inspections of a subway tunnel network digitally and more efficiently, from data collection to reporting. They were trying to reduce the high inspection costs due to the night shifts and the corresponding long downtimes of the tunnels. For the solution to be the right choice, it had to be adaptable to the company's specific requirements. [...]


  • Support for data acquisition
  • Data acquisition by an external partner
  • AI-assisted damage detection
  • 3D modeling using photogrammetry
  • 3D damage localization
  • Othophotos
  • Customization of the Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub
  • Layered PDF [...]


  • The closing time of the tunnels has been significantly reduced.
  • 3 hours of data entry instead of the previous 16 night shifts.
  • Resource requirements were reduced by 79%.
  • The structured data was provided in a manner tailored to the client's needs.
  • Higher accuracy was achieved through AI-assisted damage detection.
  • A health index per tunnel section could be introduced. [...]

Hydropower Dams

Voith and STRUCINSPECT provide inspection solutions for the Hydro market. Eg. Clunie Dam (SSE), Scotland

Reference "Dams

Facts & Figures

Clunie Dam of SSE Renewables in Scotland [...]


The client faced the challenge of [...] in a structured and objective way. [...] a cost-effective and efficient method compared to conventional approaches.


  • AI-supported damage detection
  • 3D modeling by photogrammetry
  • 3D damage localization [...]


[...] a report that allows the customer to track changes during future inspections. [...]

Press comments

Known from international media

As an Austrian joint venture working in the field of digital infrastructure inspection and lifecycle management, we have many exciting stories to tell.

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