AI-volution of
structural inspection

Transparent, precise and efficient structural inspections.

STRUCINSPECT invented the new digital inspection by combining and streamlining various processes into a workflow ready for today’s enterprise.

step 1

capture images

With STRUCINSPECT, you can easily digitize your structure for further processing, even in areas which are difficult to reach. Manually with your camera, your drone or with a STRUCINSPECT Network data capturer.  We give you the flexibility to choose the best data capture method for your project.

step 2


your inspection

Before After

Turn your images into a digital model of your structure through our automated processing system. You can choose a plan that works best for you, from basic inspection services, Digital Twin generation and AI damage detection. The geocoded damages will form the basis for engineers’ decision-making. You can perform the inspection from anywhere you want.

step 3

assess Condition
& define Measures

Damages can easily be rated according to national regulations and are allocated to structural components. Any measures you need for your final inspection report can be added.

All areas, with or without damages, are documented for further usage. No more hassle to evaluate and organize your data.

Damages can be easily rated according to national regulations and are automatically allocated to structural components. Any measures you need for your final inspection report can be added.

All areas, with or without damages, are documented for further usage. No hassle anymore to evaluate and document the captured results.


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successful projects


successful projects


successful projects


successful projects

why strucinspect?

With STRUCINSPECT you can take your structural inspection services to the next level. All stakeholders benefit equally from more efficient work steps, precise results and the sustainable usage of the database.

Engineers and Inspectors

• Eliminate paperwork

• Reduce time efforts

• Access cutting edge technology

Infrastructure Operators
and Asset Owners

• Digital transformation for your asset management

• Cost reduction using sustainable inspection data

• Easy procurement of digital inspection services

Data Capture Experts

• Access to know-how

• Provide new services

• Easy handling of data

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about us

We are one of Austria’s first corporate start-ups and combine the flexibility as well as the speed of a young start-up with the stability of established enterprises. Our work involves cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, cloud technologies, SaaS and an expert community, brought together in a B2B platform business model in the field of automated infrastructure inspections. 

Advancing evolution funded by the aws, from funds of the national foundation for Research, Technology and Development (Austria-Fund), takes our Artificial Intelligence to the next level. The focus is on human guidance and oversight of AI processes. Through the interactions of various algorithms and the knowledge of our experts, our system will extend and promote a digital transformation of structural inspections.

Our vision is to keep the world’s infrastructure safe by providing advanced digital services.


State Award
Digitalisation 2020

Digital Impuls
Award 2020

Iceberg Innovation
Leadership Award 2020


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