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Infrastructure assets like Bridges, Tunnels, Dams and others need recurring inspections to ensure a safe and effective operation. Regulations such as DIN 1076 or equivalents need to be adressed.

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With the STRUCINSPECT solution, all involved parties can utilize all advantages of one open platform and…

… a unique artificial intelligence working according to principles of trustworthiness.

Yes, efficiency can be one major reason for truly digitized infrastructure asset management. But there is so much more: consistent and impartial detection results, increased reliability, lifecycle analysis thanks to comparisons in recurring inspections, or simply completely new business opportunities for engineering offices are just some examples for your inspiration. Just see how others already took advantage.


Successful transformations to
Digital Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Masterminds are working with the market leader and innovator. Engineering offices as well as asset owners / operators. Get a glimpse in the long list of partners who already trust in and collaborate with STRUCINSPECT.

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Highway-bridge A99, Munich region/Germany
BIM as-built modelling

Reference "Highway bridge, A99 Bavaria"



Metro tunnel network, United States of America
Reducing off-time and associated cost

Reference "Metro Tunnels, USA"

Facts & Figures

Metro tunnel network, USA [...]


The client's engineers were seeking ways to carry out inspections of a metro tunnel network digitally and more efficiently, from data acquisition to reporting. They were trying to reduce the high inspection costs due to nightshifts and the accordingly long down time of the tunnels. For the solution to be the right fit, it had to be customizable to their specific needs. [...]


  • Data capturing support
  • data capturing using an external partner
  • AI-assisted damage detection
  • 3D-modelling using photogrammetry
  • 3D damage mapping
  • Othophotos
  • Customization of the Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub
  • Layered PDF [...]


  • Closing time of the tunnels was reduced immensely.
  • 3 hours data acquisition instead of 16 nightshifts before.
  • The need of resources was reduced by 79%.
  • Structured data was provided in a customized manner fitting the needs of the customer.
  • A higher accuracy was achieved through AI-assisted damage detection.
  • A healthindex per tunnel section could be implemented. [...]

Hydropower Dams

Voith and STRUCINSPECT provide inspection solutions for the Hydro market. Eg. Clunie Dam (SSE), Scotland

Reference "Hydro Dams"

Facts & Figures

Clunie Dam by SSE Renewables in Scotland […]


The customer was facing the challenge to [...] in a structured and objective manner. [...] a cost-effective and efficient method compared to conventional approaches.


  • AI-assisted damage detection
  • 3D modeling using photogrammetry
  • 3D damage mapping [...]


[...] a report to enable the customer to track down changes in future inspections. [...]


Just to be clear: STRUCINSPECT is not “only” about digital inspections. With the Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub, STRUCINSPECT covers the whole field of digital infrastructure asset management. From asset administration, via digital inspections and lifecycle analysis up to maintenance management. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Asset Administration

Holistic administration of infrastructure requires multidisciplinary information. At STRUCINSPECT all data from finance, engineering and operations are centralized and available for inquiries, analyses and further processing.

Digital Inspections

Having a full range of possibilities defines a good digital inspection software. With STRUCINSPECT you easily organize inspection data, rate damages, define measures and assess structural condition producing meaningful inspection results in line with your individual demand.

Lifecycle Analysis

Data analysis provides deep insights and integrated views. STRUCINSPECT turns your asset data into economic long-term strategies from construction to operation and maintenance over its expected useful life.

Maintenance Management

Budget-friendly maintenance work requires efficient workflows. In STRUCINSPECT you enhance data and recommendations from the inspection to maintenance tasks and document all actions till approval of executed repairs.

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