Images to 3D model

Generate accurate 3D-models with ease from your images

Step into the third dimension of digital inspection with textured 3D-modeling of bridges, tunnels and more. Experience superior ways of viewing your structures and better orientation for mapping damages while improving your project’s documentation.

The way to your 3D model with the STRUCINSPECT hub

How does it work?


Simple Data Capturing

Images from drones, handheld cameras or even high-end smartphones can be used as data input for the creation of 3D models, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Fast transformation from image to 3D model

Photogrammetry enables our experts to quickly create accurate textured 3D models from your uploaded images. All original 2D images are linked to the 3D model and can easily be accessed from it.

Enhance your 3D model

As part of our photogrammetry expert services (optional), our specialists can enhance the appearance and accuracy of your existing 3D model according to your demand (e.g. marketing purpose).


How does it help you?


Digital foundation

Creating a hi-res digitized asset means having a 360-degree view at hand at all times. Have a central place of information to collaborate on inspections with remote and decentralized teams.

Digital representation

Reduce inspection times by having digital representations of your assets. Look at critical areas on the 3D model in even more detail by accessing the original 2D images linked to the model.

Digital documentation

Benefit from a precise documentation and no loss of information. Seamlessly translate your inspections including 3D models into structured reports for further analysis.

What are the requirements?


Tutorial on the images to 3D model process

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What devices can be used for capturing images for a 3D model?

Digital Camera
Laser Scanner
Image quality
Suitable for Beginners
3D Model Quality
AI-Detection Results
Best used for
small, easy to
reach assets
general use
hard to reach
assets and
large surfaces
assets with
Textured 3D Model

Make the most out of your 3D models


AI-Assisted damage detection

Images from drones, handheld cameras or even high-end smartphones can be used as data input for the creation of 3D models,  ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

Enhance your 3D model

Make use of our photogrammetry expert service to implement modifications to the accuracy and appearance of your existing 3D model.

3D damage mapping

Make use of our 3D damage mapping service to project damage information from your 2D images onto your 3D model.

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