Digital Inspection – the STRUCINSPECT way

December 15, 2021
5:00 pm GMT+0200

Why this webinar?

Digital Inspection is an open-end process with various steps and can be continuously built upon to get new information or make a better analysis. Join us to understand how to make the most of your data.


Digital Inspection – the STRUCINSPECT way

December 15, 2021
5:00 pm GMT+0200


Inspecting civil infrastructure has always been a regular and necessary process that ensures safety and reduces risk costs.

This is a tough job to do and that is why STRUCINSPECT has taken on the challenge to digitize and automate this procedure to assist civil engineers and asset owners. Our goal is to provide experts with insights from their structured data to provide more benefits and efficiency as well as assist them in their decision making.

In this webinar, you can inspect how you can carry out your own digital inspections with STRUCINSPECT from start to finish.
Our expert Tobias Weinberger from our Operations team will show you:

  • How to capture data with your own mobile device
  • Upload it to our platform and process it
  • The power of our digital inspection services:
    • AI-assisted damage detection
    • Images to 3D Model
    • 3D Damage Mapping
  • The future of Digital inspection


For those who tune in and stay till the end of the webinar, we will offer special promotions on our services.

Who is this webinar for?


Engineers &

Data Capturer

Data Capture Experts

Asset Manager

Infrastructure Operators
and Asset Owners

Contractors for maintenance work

Contractors for maintenance works