Underwater Surveying in Digital Inspection

October 19, 2021
4:00 pm GMT+0200

Why this webinar?

Underwater surveying allows a safe and efficient collection of structural data of elements below the surface. Join in to see how OceanMaps partners with STRUCINSPECT to provide customers with data capturing and digital twins in all areas of their structure and its surroundings.


Underwater Surveying in Digital Inspection

October 19, 2021
4:00 pm GMT+0200


Many civil structures have parts based on the ground, stand tall in the air, go deep underwater, or all of them at once. We at STRUCINSPECT have made it our mission to carry out digital inspections in any environment. That is why we cooperate with data capturers that venture into innovative methods to reach the most remote areas of a structure most efficiently and safely possible. That is the case in our cooperation with OceanMaps! They are leading experts when it comes to surveying underwater. With the help of sonar systems, even minor changes can be detected and documented. As service providers on our platform, we combine their expertise in data capturing underwater with our digital inspection and team of experts to deliver high-quality results to our customers.

Dive in our webinar and observe a showcase of our collaboration journey! We will also discuss the recent climate crisis that occurred due to high waters in various areas and how underwater surveying can help predict future ones and mitigate their impact.

Who is this webinar for?


Engineers &

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Data Capture Experts

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Infrastructure Operators
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Contractors for maintenance work

Contractors for maintenance works